Elizabethtown Fire District


January 11, 2016


Commissioners Present:  Daniel Wallace, Fred Hooper, Steve Denton, Sr., Paul Fenton and Lee (Bucky) Hathaway.

Others:  Ed Martin, Tim Clark, Sr., Tim Clark, Jr., and Secretary/Treasurer Linda Wolf


Secretary Linda Wolf called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Fire House.

Bucky Hathaway made a motion; seconded by Steve Denton to go into executive session the purpose to discuss personnel. The meeting was reconvened at 7:05.

Secretary Linda Wolf called for nominations for Chairman of the Board.  Lee (Bucky) Hathaway nominated Paul Fenton; seconded by Fred Hooper.  Voted and carried with all in favor. 


The minutes were reviewed and Fred Hooper made a motion; seconded by Lee (Bucky) Hathaway to accept the minutes with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed. 


                Gordon Oil – 630 Gallons of Fuel Oil  -  $921.82

Charlotte McGinn – Election Clerk – Annual election - $30

Linda Martin – Election Clerk – Annual election - $30

NYSEG – Monthly electric

Ace Electric – Replaced Entry Bulbs - $320.29

Suburban Propane – Propane for generator - $224.95


Resolution –   Bucky (Lee) Hathaway made a motion to pay the bills; seconded by Steve Denton.  Voted and carried with all in favor.

Paul Fenton mentioned that we need to have a new policy. We had a driver leave the scene of an accident.  We do have a police report.  Keene Valley did not report the incident.   The person that was driving the truck did not report it.  We have sixty days to make the request.  We did it on the ninetieth day which was December 22, 2015. 

The 1,000 gallon heating fuel tank was discussed.  Griffith Energy wouldn’t put any more fuel in the tank until they could determine if there was a leak since they found water.  Gordon Oil brought fuel oil since it was getting very low.  The water depth remains at 1”. 

Chief Ed Martin mentioned that the Town of Clay for the Chilson Fire Department requested the Fire Department to sign a waiver for insurance for the two firemen that we have in the Bunk In program there.  Secretary Linda Wolf will call Steve Sawn to see if that is something that we should sign or not.

Suburban Propane came and filled up the 100 gallon tank for the generator.  The gauge is broken so it doesn’t reflect the right amount.

We received the gas usage report from the Chief.  The usage is 50 gallons for September and 11 gallons of diesel for October. 

We have three more trucks to be inspected.  The appointment should be setup.


Daniel Wallace made a motion; seconded by Fred Hooper to pay the Secretary/Treasurer $6,204 annually.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM with all in favor.

The next meeting will be February 8th  at 7:00 PM.