Activing Living Strategy Implemented - Elizabethtown, NY

Active Living strategy Implemented

Active Living Strategy – Implemented Items 2012-2014

* Street Traffic Calming & Streetscape/Intersection Improvements:

   ** Placement of maple trees at the school and golf course;

   ** Installation of in-road pedestrian crossing signs;

   ** Installation of Park Street crosswalk painting & pedestrian signs

   ** Installation of solar speed-signs


* Trail Awareness (Blueberry Hill Trails) and Parking:

   ** Installation of new trail head signs

   ** Update of map, printing, distribution & on-line access

   ** Installation of trail markers on approximately 10 miles of trails

   ** Installation of a parking area on the Lord Rd entrance

   ** Installation of parking signs for Lord Rd and Bronson Rd entrances of the trail system


* New Trails & Parks:

   ** Completion and ongoing maintenance of the Footbridge Park Trail

   ** Replacement of the Footbridge

   ** Rehabilitation of Footbridge Park and play elements


* Existing Parks (Noble Terrace):

   ** Installation of 2 new soccer goals

   ** Installation of 2 new hockey goals

   ** Installation of benches for the soccer field and ice rink

   ** Resurfacing of the ice rink to improve longevity and condition of the ice  

   ** Purchase of new shovels to assist in maintenance of the ice rink

   ** Installation of new trash bins in 3 parks


* Signs (in addition to those described above):

   ** Installation of a Recreation Kiosk at the golf course


* Development of a volunteer Parks & Trails Advisory group